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With career-making instruction and unbeatable student support, our training at the College of Therapy Yoga & Zen Shiatsu gives you the best chance at success in the health, natural therapies and fitness industries.

We help you both harness the health benefits of yoga and oriental therapies for yourself – enhanced personal fitness, calmness of mind, a balance of the physical and the psychological – and give you the practical skills to share this knowledge with others.

We offer training in most oriental therapies including shiatsu and oriental medicine, giving you more scope to develop your love of health and happiness.

Proudly offering the only nationally recognised course in Remedial Yoga Training.

Our Certificate IV in Yoga Therapy Teaching (10932NAT) is one of Australia’s highest industry recognised qualifications in yoga teaching, Austudy approved and is fully recognised with Yoga Australia (YA) and International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). As Australias only Registered Training Organisation for professional yoga therapy teacher training, this yoga teaching course will give you the qualifications you need to bring the benefits of yoga to others and turn your passion for yoga into a profession.

Modes of Study

Turn your skills and experience into a real qualification

Don't waste time studying what you already know! Your previous work experience, training, and life skills can help you advance your career in the health or fitness industries. Learn about completing the qualifications you need by receiving the Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) credits to get you there.

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Our Bespoke Courses option allows you to build your own unique course to suit your interests and or fulfil learning requirements.

Our Approach to Yoga

Why Japanese based Yoga Therapy and what is it, anyway? The concept of yoga as a therapy is a relatively modern one, yet it has begun to revolutionize complementary medicine. In meridian yoga therapy, we work with the few basic elements of our bodies that we have control over – the way we breathe, move and eat.   Only when the body is working at an optimal level, can we achieve balance in our mental, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Meridian Yoga Therapy draws directly from the Five Elements system of oriental medicine. The Japanese Shiatsu tradition that underlies the COTY style of yoga, further links the Five Elements with the meridians of the body through which qi (energy) flows. These same elemental energies have numerous associations – seasons of the year, nutrition, lifestyle tendencies, therapeutic recommendations, and more. We teach students how to access and manipulate the meridians through yoga postures that suit the present season and corresponding element, so they begin to recognise and correct imbalances within their own bodies.

Explore the Elements

Jessica Doherty

I jumped at the chance to work with on an 8 week volunteering job with the candidates at JobCentre. It happened so quick I did not have time to be nervous and it was amazing. Loving this course and the yoga, excited to learn that there is an advanced diploma that would help me become a therapist and really connect with people’s specific concerns and injuries.

Courtney Curtis

The extensive knowledge and the personal tuition you receive at COTY really does set you up for a great future in yoga. The down to earth style of teaching sits perfectly with the style of yoga, which shows its results and benefits in many forms, both physically and mentally. Best of all, the college offers continued support throughout your learning journey, which aptly compliments your grown and enjoyment of teaching yoga.

Elyse Deidun

Deciding to start the course was a challenge. Doing the course was great fun and I loved it. Why? For many reasons but most importantly because I learnt so much about the yoga that I love and about myself during that year. I also felt privileged to study with a fabulous group of like-minded people that are still my friends and support group following graduation. With the support of the trainers at COTY I am now teaching yoga, even though in the beginning I did not think I could do it. For me that is the greatest gift of all.

Mandy Rotondo

Doing the bridging course has helped me in many ways. It has deepened my understanding of the 5 elements in relation to the yoga as well as my understanding of the importance of doing certain asanas in different seasons of the year. I am now more aware of the importance of my own personal practice and continue to learn more as I delve deeper into the meridians and systems of the human body, their functions and how certain moves can positively affect a person’s health. I feel lucky to be studying with COTY!

Monika Bergan

I am grateful for the excellent teachers that I’ve had at COTY, each one bringing their unique set of skills with passion, dedication and compassion. I am very grateful for the professional guidance of Lyn, Lisa and Gen and look forward to continuing to expand my knowledge of remedial yoga in the Advanced Diploma of Remedial Yoga Therapy.

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