5 Things To Do When You’re Busy & Stressed

Lyn Keogh

Japanese Remedial Yoga Teacher/Therapist & VET Trainer

The philosophies behind meridian based yoga therapy are not all that complicated with fundamentals that you can practise anywhere, anytime.  Here are 5 simple things you can fit into your day to help unwind those tight muscles and get through those stressful times.

1.  Stop, and breathe

Stop! Take a moment to close your eyes and breathe out!  It’s easy to breathe in, we can all do that.  What most people find harder is breathing out.  Make sure you breathe out just as much as you breathe in.  The energy of the Metal Element helps us take in what we need and get rid of what we do not.  So stop, breathe out and allow yourself to relax.

2. Take your breath away

You know that feeling when you step into a cold shower or jump into the ocean?  That involuntary sharp intake of breath and a shock that ripples all the way down to your toes?  This is a great stress leveler, like a reboot to your energy meridians giving you energy without that ‘tight, pent-up stress-related feeling.  The energy of your Fire II Element meridians helps to keep you balanced and in control.  A goldilocks effect of everything being ‘just right’.

3.  Get the exercises that work for you

Individual yoga programs in remedial yoga therapy will work with both your strengths and weaknesses to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit.  Find a good yoga therapist and get yourself a new routine.

4.  Chew your food

Chewing is a simple, mindful way to calm your body and your mind.  Chewing each mouthful at least ten times will also help to reduce stress in the digestive system and not overtax your energy levels.  The Earth Element’s Stomach meridian decides what we take in and what is right for us.  Start making some mindful choices while you are chewing things over.

5.  Break up the day with Yoga Snacks

Make sure you get up and take a break from work every 20mins.  Pick an easy yoga move you like and repeat it 10 times.  It’s wont to take you more than 2 mins but you will reap the benefits all day.

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