6 Reasons I Became a Yoga Teacher

Lyn Keogh

COTY Lead Trainer & CEO

I worked in the corporate world for many years, tied to an office desk and wondering if anyone was happy to go to work each day – ‘cause I certainly wasn’t.’ Here are the 6 main reasons I’m glad I made the decision to become a yoga teacher:

1. To help make others feel good

Knowing that you’ve helped someone overcome an injury, initiate a healthy lifestyle, or just made them smile is incredibly rewarding. Being a yoga teacher gives you the chance to improve someones day and give them real tools for them to approach and maintain health and wellbeing.

2. No two days are the same

Every class you teach will be different because no two days are the same. Every time you walk into the yoga room you will be greeted by different people, different energy and new things to learn. No wonder yoga teachers have one of the highest rated careers for job satisfaction and come home from work feeling better than when they arrive!

3. It’s an investment in yourself

By training your body and learning about how it performs and functions, you will see yourself a bit differently, with more respect and willingness to protect it. This doesn’t simply mean that your yoga practice will improve but change every action that you take. You will start to notice how you are sitting at your desk and chose to adjust your spine alignment, or how you should exhale when picking up your child, as well as the benefits of a stretch as you wake up in the morning.

4. Yoga makes happiness easier

Stop doing the things that are making you unhappy! Could it be that simple? Whether you’re planning to teach full time, or are just looking to learn and challenge yourself, teaching yoga will help you find optimism in the every day. Happiness is learning about yourself and others with acceptance and humility.

5. You get to learn a new thing everyday

Every yoga teacher is different, with unique insights or advice that you can learn from when you take a class. By understanding the foundations of yoga and teaching, you’ll be able to focus on other’s teaching styles and constantly improve your own techniques.

6. To make friends

When you train to be a yoga teacher you will be meeting people from all walks of life and experiences. Yoga is an inclusive practice that spreads wellbeing and goodwill. The Yoga House is proud of the diversity of our teachers and students — and many of them don’t just learn from each other, they become friends for life. Yoga teaching is not a way of life – it is a way to make your life happier.

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