6 Reasons to go on a Yoga Retreat

Take a moment and breathe out….should I go on a yoga retreat?

I want you to think how many hours you are working, looking after the kids, or renovating the house.

The idea of a quick break is appealing but often leaves me feeling like I need another one. The idea of an airport, waiting for your luggage (that never seems to arrive) and all that wasted time travelling seems to put more stress into a de-stress weekend away.

Have you ever thought about a yoga retreat? Like most of us, you are probably short on precious vacation time and do not want to swap it for a rigorously scheduled exercise getaway. But, a COTY yoga retreat may well tick all the boxes for your idea of a “destress” weekend away.

1. You don’t need to be an expert yogi!

Yoga is a versatile muscle and cardiovascular strengthen exercise that will help the everyday practitioner, but also the absolute beginner. There is no competition, no mirrors and no stress to the mind or body.

2. You have the option to practice outdoors.

Weather permitting, you may find your yoga teacher will take the session outdoors, amid beautiful scenery. Imagine how good it will feel breathing in fresh green fields and the aromas of Australian bush and the ocean breeze.

3. You’ll leave feeling better than when you arrive.

Your first yoga session will melt away the pain in your muscles. You may walk in with tensed muscles and heavy limbs, but our yoga will take you through a variety of stretches and easy movements so that your leave feeling light as a feather.

4. The days are structured, not ordained.

With any good yoga retreat, every activity is optional. In most instances, a brilliant program has been created so you don’t have to worry about planning for the day. Just sit back and let the schedule unfold before you.

5. You’re guaranteed to eat well.

In general, yogis eat well. The food is healthy and there are so many delicious offerings that who could blame you if you go back for second! Coffee is also on hand for those who needed it, and while it isn’t recommended over the weekend programme, it is also not meant to deprive us of our wants.

6. You can stay active without it feeling like a punishment.

A yoga retreat is all about nurturing, not pain. The remedial yoga sessions are set throughout the day and your teacher will adjust the yoga to suit everyone.

Everyone comes to retreat with different ideas, whether it is to distress, work on a yoga practise, learn how to breathe, or simply to put down the mobile phone for an hour or two. But, everyone will leave with a new sense of self and a great feeling of accomplishment. Not bad for weekend away!

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