Corporate Crazy to Health & Happiness

Genevieve Paton

Thinking of quitting the corporate world for a better life teaching yoga?

Five years ago I gave up my corporate job to work as a full time yoga teacher and trainer. Luckily, I had completed the right teacher training course that gave me the skills, knowledge and experience to embrace my new life.  

Becoming a yoga teacher is a great way to earn a living by practising what you believe in; teaching others how to find  inner peace and strength by connecting the mind and body through breath and movement.  

5 Tips on Starting a Yoga Teaching Career

Before you take the leap, go through the following tips

1. Know your finances

 A decent training course costs between $7,000 and $10,000. Not to mention the additional cost of flights if you do a course overseas.

Like me, people serious about their new career, find it more productive to do a longer comprehensive training course in their own country, rather than a costly intensive one overseas. This gives you more time to practice and develop your teaching skills.

2. Be ready for a change

Transitioning from a nine-to-five to full-time teaching might come as  a shock  because of the difference in working hours.

As a new teacher, a lot of your time will be dedicated to researching, visiting studios, and making contacts. Once you have regular classes set up, you will most likely be teaching in the mornings and evenings or weekends.

3. Build networks 

For a lucky few, it can be as easy as completing a teacher training course, finding your dream job in a local studio or even opening up your own studio. However, this may not be the case.

Regardless of how you start out,  make sure you build a strong yoga network. It is vital to your success and will help with skill sharing, business/personal advice and finding a yoga or business mentor.

4. Remember to get to classes 

Many teachers lose time to attend classes themselves. Self-practice can be hard  and it doesn’t really help develop your teaching style.

Taking the time to broaden your own knowledge of yoga by attending different styles of class, workshops and retreats will benefit your clients and excel in your teaching techniques.

5. Healthy digital media 

Social media can serve as a powerful tool to reach  your current and future clients.  Don’t think of social media as a place to “promote.” Use social media to provide helpful information  to enhance your clients’ lives just as much as you do when you teach in the yoga room. 

I am forever grateful and privileged to have made the decision to change my career. I now love what I do – I’m a yoga teacher.

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