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Special Series Course 3:
Remedial Lower Back Yoga for Teachers

Series Description

Teaching clients with sore backs firstly requires your empathy and then to have knowledge of the way our back works. If you have ever had a sore back yourself, you will know the fear of the pain can sometimes be harder to overcome the actual physical pain.

Weak, imbalanced, and incorrectly functioning core muscles and compromised pelvic floor muscles all put the strain, and pain into the lower back. To ensure safe, effective teaching, all yoga teachers must know how to address these fundamental areas with methods to manage this common complaint.

This series of advanced teaching workshops has been designed as three, 2-hour Remedial Yoga sessions so that you can experience the key postures, focal points, and movements for healthy, happy backs. Each workshop will teach the yoga moves that address the cause and symptoms of lower back pain. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to build trust with your clients, help them to rebuild their self-confidence, and allow them to work towards a pain-free lower back.

Individual workshop attendance is allowed, but to truly understand lower back issues, we recommend attending all three workshops.

About the Workshop

Research has shown that by strengthening the core muscles, especially the transversus abdominis, support to the lumbar spine is improved.

Typically, the core is associated with the body’s centre of gravity which should be over the second sacral vertebrae. But the stability of the lower back also depends on both static and dynamic strength in the lumber region. It is the lumbar spine that is primarily responsible for our posture, and supports and provides the strength needed for exercising and playing sports.

This workshop will focus on the yoga postures and movements that will strengthen the musculature in the back, bringing balance into the body and showing your clients the importance of keeping the spine in a neutral position. All of these things will help minimise the chance of pain or injury.

Explore lower back strength through remedial yoga to gain optimal balance and flexibility for you and your clients.

Register Now

Date: Saturday, 30 March 2019

Time: 3-5PM

Price: $60 OR $150 for the 3-part series

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