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Clear Mind-Clutter & Improve Your Teaching

About the Workshop

Try the minimalist way of teaching yoga…

Minimalist teaching does not mean you give less, it is simply a matter of clearing out your mind-clutter to improve your ability share yoga with others.

A minimalist approach to teaching yoga requires a clear head, clear enough for you to look at the way you think – not what you are thinking.

With the help of Remedial Yoga Therapy, this workshop will show you how to use simply meridian yoga postures as a form of dynamic meditation, helping you think clearer, make better life choices and decide what right for you (and what’s not).

We all look forward to seeing you on the mat in May for this exciting workshop of the mind, and to show you how to start posturing your way of thinking to the person and teacher you want to be.

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Date: 4 May 2019

Time: 3 – 5pm

Price: $60

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