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Healthy Teenage Selfies

About the Workshop

Teenagers – if we can get them on the mat, we can make a real difference

We have all been teenagers, so we all know that it is not the easiest time in people’s lives.  There’s the pimples, parties and raging hormones with conflicting feelings that consume the individual as they live through the “ME” stage of life.

As yoga teachers we can understand that the hormones are simply the chemicals that help our teens grow and develop sexually through the (happy, mad, sad, confusing) years to adulthood.   As these substances (hormones right) take hold of the body and mind things can get a little hectic and out of balance.

This workshop is about teaching our teens how about their body and what they are going through.  We have invited teens along to help us better understand how we can help them take control through movements, postures and breathing exercises.  It’s all about choice and what to do with it.

See you on the mat when we share the yoga that will target teen stress relief and emotional stability and make sure you bring your own teen if you have one to our September workshop.

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Date: Saturday, 7 September 2019

Time: 3-5pm

Price: $60

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