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Yoga Detox Program for Muscles & Joints

Series Description

Yoga is a proven way to keep your muscles and joints in optimal working order.

So many athletes, dancers and general fitness enthusiasts find that the very thing that keeps them fit and happy, can also cause injuries and long time damage, especially to our muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.

This program as been developed by our advanced diploma post-graduate students with research based remedial yoga therapy that will make a real difference to your life and ability to enjoy your favourite sport/activity/vocation.

About the Workshop

4 Week Muscle & Joint Detoxification Program 

Week 1 is your Intensive – 6 days @ 6am Monday, 14 Oct to Saturday 19 Oct 2019

Stage 1 of the program includes an intensive week of early morning detoxification yoga sessions designed to :

  • rid your muscles of excess toxins (no matter how well you eat and play, toxins are inevitable by-product or city environment)
  • increase blood flow to joints, tendons that will also help keep the fluid in your encapsulated joints clean and healthy (that’s a good thing)
  • work to balance your left and right body functions (strengthen your weaker side and give the overworked side a much-needed rest.
Week 2 – 5 therapy for the muscles with 1 night a week for 4 weeks @ 6pm Thursday 24, 31 Oct & 7, 14 Nov 2019

Following and intensive week of detoxifying early morning yoga sessions the program settles back into more rejuvenating evening sessions for the next four weeks.  These sessions focus on:

  • muscles health
  • sustained power through the long muscle twitch response
  • show you how stretching is a sport in itself when done the remedial yoga therapy way.

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Venue: The Yoga House, Gladesville


6 Morning Joint Detox Classes @ 6am – 14 – 19 Oct 19

4 Evening  Muscle Health Classes on Thursday’s at 6pm – 24, 31 Oct & 7, 14 Nov 19

Time: 6am and then 6pm

Price: $199

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