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Yoga Therapy Retreat for Yoga Teachers

Series Description

Thank you to all our COTY yoga teachers who have been supporting their communities and helping people cope with the crazy times of 2020. 

Yoga teachers give their heart to helping others and we hope that this retreat will give the support and balance needed to continue the great work.

A yoga teacher’s only experience designed to support our graduate teachers (Japanese Remedial Yoga, other yoga styles are also more than welcome) and our current YTT students. A retreat designed to foster personal and professional development and self-care routines.  Yoga, Zen Shiatsu, healing compressors will be just a few things we are packing into this retreat to help boost immune functionality, positively deal with identity and self-esteem to make us already for the ‘new norm’ of the world we now live in.

Immerse your mind, body and spirit for a weekend of Japanese Remedial Yoga Therapy. Restore balance to your body and get yourself in the right place, with a little help from your teachers and mentors, to be well enough to help others with their post-isolation health issues.

Personal & Professional Growth

COTY Yoga Retreats are designed to support you, our graduate teachers and students to foster personal and professional development.

Our retreats are packed full of yoga, some much needed time out and topped off with great home-cooked macro food.  But most importantly, a few days away to self-reflect on how you have coped during these crazy times and fill up your professional yoga toolbox with more exciting yoga magic for the times ahead.

Change can only occur if we make space for it in our lives. We need that break from familiar surroundings, family, work. Our retreats offer a chance to change, all you need to do is make the space in your busy life to come along.

The Yin and Yang of COTY Yoga Retreats

Our Daoist theory of Yin and Yang can be applied to everything in our lives and the laws reinforce the idea of ever-changing, ever-transforming energy and the concept of changing the old to make new. This theory is the underlying principle of our retreats, whether it’s applied to the yoga, macrobiotic whole food, breath work, the season, the timing for activities or supporting therapies such as Shiatsu, or Oriental therapies. This gives you the best chance of taking that breath out and allowing for the positive supportive energising change.

The place between Yin and Yang, the pause is maximised throughout the weekend. For it is in the pause that we find change.

The Breath

We will also be focusing on extending your ability to control your Breath as an integral part of Remedial Yoga Therapy.  Activities to promote the understanding of the inhalation, the exhalation and the importance of the extended pause. The use of a variety of teaching techniques will be explored to enhance this pause for you and your students.

The Yoga

The focus will be on the balance of the left and right sides of our body. We are not a mirror image and left/right dominance influences all the balance of our body. This can cause spinal issues, fatigue, digestion irregularity, lack of creativity or lack of organisation, hormonal imbalance and lack of flexibility of both body (joint injuries) and mind. Classes on the retreat will focus on gaining more balance in your movements, allowing your dominant side to take a rest and waking up the under-functioning side. Class aims are to nourish the muscles, tendons and ligaments to rebalance the bones and reduce overload stress on the joints.

The Time

We will be showing you how to optimise the natural ebb and flow of energy through the day and your body. Start to recognise your good and not so good times energetically and quick tricks to give you that boost to combat the slump.

The Seasons

A retreat scheduled at the time of seasonal change to support you to understand the energetic dynamics of the seasons.

The Support

This retreat includes a wide range of oriental therapies.  Whether it is a morning yoga jog, cold shower, body scrub or relaxing shiatsu massage, these therapies will all give you the tools you need to reach your retreat goals.

About the Workshop

What’s going on

Day 1 Friday

Arrive at your leisure from 3 pm.

5.00 pm   

Welcome, and orientation discussion to ensure you get the most out of YOUR Retreat and a chance to tell us what your expectations are and how we can help.

6.00 pm

Welcome to the Mat Yoga Session to unlock your mind, change your spirit and refocus on new ways to look at your yoga and how to teach it.   If you have never done Japanese or Meridian yoga then you may be surprised by how well it will help you teach foundational, body-balance yoga and increase your ability to make change with proprioceptive techniques.

7.30 pm

Macrobiotic Vegetarian Light Supper – The food we eat can influence how we feel, move and cope with the future.  All the food over the weekend will support your digestion without being overloaded to make sure you get the most out of your retreat.

8.30 pm

Japanese Breath Control explores the power of focused inhalations combined with intention setting and the results gained from a complete exhalation. This advanced breathing session is designed for you to learn different techniques of extending and practising both the empty and the full pause and maximise their benefits.

Day 2 Saturday

6.00 am

Greet the day with Japanese Chanting or your Beloved Sleep-in

6.15 am

To make the most of our daily energy we wake up with the sun and then get out there with our toes in the grass and enjoy the break-out feeling of the changing season.

Warm-up with a series of Elemental Stretches, a daily practise to optimise general health and wellbeing.  Then it’s time for the breath-controlled yoga-jog before you wake up your biggest organ with a skin scrub, river swim/dunk and invigorating (cold) shower!

7.15 am

Wholefood Medicines that will help you tap into your energy, clear out stagnation in the digestive system and promote more alkaline blood to nourish muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.

7.30 am

Morning Japanese Yoga Master Class to feel the power of meridian asanas.   This class will focus on boosting vitality and energy to help clear the head and strengthen the core. As the deep established tension melts away, so will the ‘baggage’ that has been probably holding you back.  It is amazing how easy it is to solve problems when your body is feeling strong.

9.00 am 

Macrobiotic Vegetarian Breakfast – All your meals this weekend has been selected to detoxify the liver without making you feel like you are missing out.  Ideas flow more freely with a clear, happy liver.  With food that is not only seasonally balanced but amounts to equal the amount that you need to feel healthy.  Do you take in enough to balance what you give out? 

10.00 am

Interactive Tutorial – What is Static Remedial Diagnosis?

This session will discuss how you can diagnose yourself and your clients in a variety of static positions using the meridians to locate structural imbalances and the yoga to help correct them.

12.00 pm

Macrobiotic Vegetarian Lunch Mindful eating is the key to improving your digestion and enjoying the great food that will not have you wanting for anything else (till dinner time anyway).

2.00 pm

Balance & Adjust Master Class in this session we will be focusing on balancing postures to reinforce the changes made in the morning session. We will be exploring a range of Spring & Summer meridian specific balancing asanas and discussing how we use this process to improve practical focusing techniques and your teaching goals.

Our focus will be on correcting alignment, shifting muscle memory and establishing the new feeling of being balanced.

4.00 pm

Rest up & Relax  Before the end of the day we encourage a reflective time to give you time to take advantage of our self-pamper station for a foot or hand scrub or simply take time to sit and see watch the world go by – be at peace with it all.

6.00 pm

Macrobiotic Vegetarian Dinner.  You don’t need to starve yourself to detox.  Enjoy a meal of organic whole foods that will satisfy your hunger and your body requirements for stress-free digestion and a stress-free you.

7.30 pm

Oriental Therapies & Healing.  We will be encouraging you to give and receive Shiatsu.  It doesn’t matter if you know-how.  It’s fun to follow along and enjoy it’s giving qualities.  We use Japanese Shiatsu to balance the sides of the body and reinforce the balance established through the day.  Release tension held throughout the body, especially through the shoulder and hip areas. The gentle yet effective meridian massage will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and improve the blood circulation to further detox the body.

9.30 pm

Japanese Meridian Meditation.  Self-Focusing techniques still promote creativity and get in touch with your lifeforce.

OR complete your day curled up near the fire (weather permitting).

Day 3 Sunday

6.00 am

Join in on the morning chant to help you focus and set your goals for the day.  Again, sleep-ins are good too.

6.15 am

It is always easier the second day as you realise just how good it felt the day before.   Wake your muscles and joints up with Elemental Stretches then take in the scenery of the beautiful bush setting with our breath-controlled yoga-jog to kick-start our metabolism.

When you have the blood pumping, you can invigorate your skin with a scrub and rid yourself of toxins with a quick dip in the water.

7.15 am

Wholefood Medicines to help your body continue to expel toxins and help clear your eyesight and mind of clutter.

7.30 am

Get the Spring back in your step with Morning Japanese Yoga where we will solidify the information that you have learnt in the previous morning session with some strong Japanese meridian yoga and some content you may not have tried before.

9.00 am 

Macrobiotic Vegetarian Breakfast.  We know that you will be hungry and enjoy a great breakfast to balance your input/output.  Feel the changes that your body has already made.  

10.00 am

Interactive Tutorial – What is Dynamic Remedial Diagnosis?

This session will discuss how you can diagnose yourself and your clients in a variety of dynamic postures and using the meridians to locate structural and functional imbalances.  This valuable skill will support you as a teacher to identify personal and client imbalances through active body movements. You will also learn how to teach Remedial Yoga Therapy (RYT) asanas and how to incorporate them into your class or use the therapy asanas for individual remedial therapy. Adjustment movements, partner work and RYT adjustment moves will cover:

  • scoliosis
  • shoulder issues
  • spinal adjustments

12.00 pm

Dynamic breathing and meditation session – walk and meditate.  How good is that? The monks have been doing it for centuries and understand the potential of calming the mind through purposeful walking. Practice the slow extended breath and pauses learnt in the earlier sessions.


Macrobiotic Vegetarian Lunch It’s not the last supper but it will be your last meal on retreat.  Don’t rush it and enjoy another great spring meal together.


Stretch & Adjust Master Class

Stretch like you have never stretched before, now the left and right side of the body is in balance and the spinal tensions have changed. Explore your body’s new range of movement as we take time to stretch and move further than you ever have before. Learn PNF stretching to improve your range of motion or as a technique for your client’s benefits. In this session, we will be deconstructing the prime gallbladder moves and discussing how we use this process to improve practical focusing techniques and your teaching goals and session outcomes.

4.00 pm

Head back home with

  • A new class for your teaching tool kit
  • New meridian asanas, movements and postures
  • A clearer understanding of what to teach in Spring and Summer
  • More understanding of what role the elements play in our yoga
  • A yoga-detoxed body and mind
  • All the CPD points you need this year
  • AND

A happier, healthier you – strong and balanced enough to help those who need it

Register Now

Join all the COTY trainers and teachers at the beautiful Bamarang Bush Retreat on the Shoalhaven River, just 10 minutes from Nowra. 

Duration: Weekend Retreat

Date: 11 – 13 September 2020

Schedule: from 5 pm Friday to Sunday afternoon

Price: $699

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