Do it yourself with Do-in

Lyn Keogh

Unlike many other forms of bodywork and massage, Do-in (pronounced doe-een) self-massage can be done anywhere, anytime.  A natural healing art where you are both the giver and receiver which makes for an effective self-maintenance health care tool because no one knows your body better than you do.

What is Do-In

Do-In is a type of self-massage therapy that uses different methods to address various medical conditions. It has been practised for centuries in China, and Japan as a seasonally based source of healing and relaxation. On a therapeutic level, it can help strengthen the immune system, promote blood and lymph circulation and improve overall health.

Do-In massage does not need a tranquil environment, a good massage table or even a chair.  Nor does it need a massage therapist or anyone, in fact, other than yourself.  All it needs is you, and a desire to heal and maintain your health. 

How does it work

Techniques include gentle massage, pulling, and tapping, rubbing, brushing and twisting of the skin. These movements promote the free flow of energy or qi in the body. By releasing areas of stagnation or trapped energy, Do-In can also help you relieve tension, fatigue and many side-effects of stress. 

When practising Do-In, you are connecting with your body based on the principles and practices of acupressure and acupuncture.  Using different methods and techniques to connect with the key points located all over the body.  The great thing is you don’t have to know where these points are.  The routines do that for you, allowing you to move energy and trigger your body’s innate ability to heal itself. 

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