Easy Ginger Compress

Lyn Keogh

Helps stimulate blood and body fluid circulation and dissolves stagnation.

Place grated ginger in a cheesecloth sack (or similar) and simmer in a wide deep pot of hot water until you can smell the ginger and the water colours slightly.  Pop a lid on the pot to keep it hot.

Grab yourself a couple of old hand towels or cloth nappies work too.  Make sure they are not too thin as they will not retain the heat.

To apply, fold the hand towel diagonally in half then hold each end and twist.  Dip the centre of the twisted towel into the ginger water, then wring out as much of the water as you can before applying directly to the area being treated.

Make sure you don’t get the ends wet as towels should be very HOT.  Make sure you test the heat of the towel by quickly applying and removing it a few times so as not to burn the skin.  You want to keep the heat up and not have a cool towel sitting on the area.  You can keep the heat up but using alternate towels from the pot onto the area until the skin is fresh pink with fresh blood flow.

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