Don’t Burn Out Your Fire Energy this Summer

Lyn Keogh

Co-Founder of COTY & Meridian Therapist

Stop for a moment and breathe.  Can you feel the energy of Summer all around you?  It is big and bold and strong – it is the energy of the Fire Element.

Fire is a powerful energy that if left unchecked, can be extremely destructive.  Something any New South Welshman can tell you as we are watching it ravage our beautiful state.

Fire energy is just as damaging if left unbalanced in the body.  For that reason, in Remedial Yoga Therapy look to yoga that releases pent up Fire energy with Fire Element asanas and dynamic postures.  We work to get the blood pumping to all parts of the body.  The big muscle groups that release heat and build strength whilst improving heart health.

These featured postures shows the Heart (red) and Small Intestine (white) meridians of the Fire Element.  This move will help you tame the Fire Energy within you allowing for cool, calm and loving communication (something we all need at festive family gatherings).

Lay on your back, legs straight toes pulled back

Bend your arms our at right angles and squeeze your fists

Breath in and lift up into Fire Fish Pose

Hold and breathe through your nose for 5 breaths before relaxing down

Fire Fish Pose

Take you legs nice and wide and pull back on the toes

Bend your arms up as shown and hook your thumbs into your arm pits

Pull back on the hands and elbows, squeezing shoulder blades

Relax into a forward bend

Fire Forward Bend

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