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Are you a practicing massage therapist looking for an edge?   

Shiatsu Anyone?  Shiatsu is a versatile and highly adaptable massage technique.  Not only does it help people relax and repair, it also involves a few of the more trendy oriental therapies like cupping and gua sha.

Here are a few reasons why Shiatsu may be the perfect bodywork tool to add to your professional skill set.

Not sure what Shiatsu is?

Firstly of all, Shiatsu is a form of massage that will help expand your client base as well as improve the health of your clients.  The movements in a shiatsu treatment are also practitioner friendly, keeping you in practice, longer.

Modern Shiatsu practice works within the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) patterns of health and illness and scientific understanding of human bio mechanics.

Shiatsu is adaptable for clients of all ages with routines that include clients sitting, laying their side, relaxing on their back or on their front.  Wherever they feel more comfortable.  It is a comprehensive oriental therapy that helps improve structural balance as well as our body systems including the digestive and nervous systems.

Benefits of Shiatsu

Shiatsu taps into the body’s natural ability to heal itself via the acupressure points on bio-electrical pathways.  You might know these as meridians.  The idea is that if you stimulate areas of the body that are not working correctly, it will give the over overworked areas a time to relax.  Most importantly, this balance help people move better, with less pain.  Therefore, it works well with all forms of conventional medicine and treatment plans.

There is increasing awareness of the way energy flows through our bodies with mainstream scientific research into bio-electrical pathways.  We call them meridians.  More and more practitioners are turning to energy based therapies sych as Shiatsu to help clients where other treatments have failed.

Maybe it’s time to think about adding an energy based therapy like Shiatsu Massage to your skill set.  A valuable tool for bodywork and complementary health care professionals with nationally recognised training that is part of the Australian government’s Health Training Package (HLT07)

Where can I learn?

In Australia, to become a practicing shiatsu and oriental therapies practitioners you will need to achieve the Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies (HLT52215).  So, that means you need to find yourself an established training provider.  Find our more about this great course at My Skills. A government initiative website that helps you find the training provider and course that best suits your needs.

To find out more about shiatsu and how to become a shiatsu therapies practitioner contact ATMS or STAA. They can also help you find a nationally recognised training college near you.

Above all, Shiatsu is friendly to your body.  Shiatsu practitioners are not limited to using their hands, wrists and elbows to find those acupressure points.  Treatments, when properly delivered, can help improve your healthy practice.

Finally, a diploma of shiatsu and oriental therapies will help you work with a wider client base.  Become a qualified shiatsu therapists to work in allied health practices, luxury spas, as well as high-end hotels in Australia and abroad.

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