Is your sore neck ageing you?

Lisa Masters

Senior Yoga Therapist, TCM and Acupuncturist, Zen Shiatsu Practitioner

Did you know that neck tension can cause hormonal imbalance?

Women understand at an early age that hormones can literally rule our life, but did you know that your stiff, sore or tight neck can be making you feel older than you really are?

Our endocrine system is responsible for the constant regulation of many of our body systems like growth, restoration, reproduction, moods, energy and sleep.  It does all this by sending out hormones from different glands around the body and one of the main glands on the body is found in the neck – the thyroid gland.

Any neck tension can affect the production and regulation of hormones as 80% of organs that produce them are in the neck.

When teaching yoga you need to be aware of your client’s neck alignment in all postures.  Aim for a long neck with the head straight, not tilted or at an angle.  Any tilt will affect the body’s chemical (hormonal) balance because the glands will not distribute the hormones evenly throughout the body.

To help balance your client’s endocrine system, teach the cobra asana at night with even shoulder height, an open neck and throat to calm the thyroid function.  If you want to improve and speed up it’s function try the Remedial Yoga updog/downdog swing in the morning.





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