Improve Your Health with Japanese Remedial Yoga Therapy

Lyn Keogh

Japanese Remedial Yoga Teacher/Therapist & VET Trainer

Doing the same set of yoga postures at the same time every day is a great way to develop your practice and form positive health habits.  But did you know that it can also be detrimental to balanced health?

One of the first things your Japanese Remedial Yoga Therapy teacher will teach you is that if you can do the move, then why practice it over and over again.  That is simply playing to your strengths.  To improve mind and body balance you should be looking for the moves and posture that you find difficult and practicing them until your weaker areas grow strong.

Remedial Yoga Therapy is also based on the seasons to improve the way you feel.  If it is hot, then the yoga you practise should increase your respiratory rate allowing your body to cool down naturally.  In Winter, you should be practising postures and movements that support and strengthen the spine and your body, optimising your energy usage and keeping you warm, comfortable and content.

All yoga lovers should also consider the time of day they are going to practice.  Morning yoga should promote vitality and get you ready for the day, it is not the time of day to stretch out with too many yin (relaxing) postures.  That’s the yoga you want to be doing at night, to unwind from the day and get a good night sleep.

Remedial Yoga Therapy postures and movements work with the energy meridians of the body (just like acupuncture does) if practiced at the appropriate time it will bring balance to your body and the mind.  That leaves your spirit free to do what you want to do and feeling good!

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