Make your home study space work for you

Lyn Keogh

Research indicates that your study area can have a significant impact on your online study success.

Students often ask us to help improve their ability to home study. Here are some COTY tips for making an oasis for study and productivity in your home.

Make it yours!

Designate a room or quiet area of your home so you can stay focussed, and things won’t get lost.  Let your family/friends know to respect this space and that when you are in this area, you don’t want to be disturbed. Make sure there is no distracting clutter around you.

Be supported, comfortable

Invest in a good chair and desk.   Find a chair that supports and is the right fit for your desk.

Lighting supports clear vision.  Desk lamps help you focus on your desk during night-time study and schedule regular breaks for you and your eyes.

Keep the area ventilated to help with concentration and productivity.

Keep your area tidy

Is your desk a mess?  Keeping your desk and surrounding area clean and tidy helps to stay more focused.   Get rid of anything you don’t need to get the job done.  Think logically when arranging your area, make sure the things you use the most are most accessible.

File things away.  Don’t stack up papers on your desk, file them away.

Remove distractions

You have made this study space for a reason.

  • Leave your phone in another room.  Messages will be there when you have finished your scheduled study time.  You can get done without a phone to play with.
  • Let your friends and family know your scheduled time for study
  • When studying online, don’t go wandering off onto YouTube or social media – turn notifications off.

Use a diary, planner or scheduler

Keep this with you all the time. Be organised for study.

Set goals & make a list

Write out a realistic list for what you want to achieve.  It’s a great way to keep on task and improve time management skills. A tick is so gratifying!

Take a break

Schedule time-outs for a walk around the block.  Eating the right foods, yoga, daily exercise and a good night’s sleep.  A healthy body equals a healthy mind!

Stay motivated

Don’t let stress take control and get your down.  Stay inspired – do a yoga class, a massage and put your favourite inspirational quotes in your home study oasis.

Distance learning and home study is easier with planning and understanding of what keeps you motivated.  Plan and make your space today!

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