Mind Your Self-Talk

Genevieve Paton

Business & Communication Training

What do you say when you look at yourself in the mirror?

Now, think about what you would say to your best friend standing in front of you?

Were you as positive to yourself as you were to your bestie?

We all know that it is easier to feel good about yourself when you’re having a good day.  On a good day it is not hard to be kind to ourselves—to be positive and upbeat.  We might even celebrate our uniqueness in the world.

But not every day is like that.  In fact, most days are a mix of highs and lows and some days just seem to get the better of us.  Its days like these that our negative self-talk gets louder, and we talk ourselves into being to blame for what is going on around us.

The more negative self-talk, the more time you listen to it, eroding away at your ability to get on with things and eventually lowering your self-esteem.  It is this continuous negative self-talk that can also lead to physical systems, stress and depression.

Use these 3 tips to improve how you feel about yourself with the power of positive self-talk.


1. Stop using negative words like should and can’t

These words are pretty negative in themselves.  How about telling yourself that you choose or want to go out with your friends because you will have a good time when you get there.

2. See the negative but look for the positive

Most people when they look in the mirror focus directly in on the things, they don’t like about themselves.  This week when you look in the mirror in the morning before work, acknowledge the negative but take a moment to find two positives.  It’s a great way to start the day.

3. Remember, it is none of your business what someone else thinks about you!

We don’t have much control in life and are certainly not meant to understand why other people think the way they do.  Take a step towards positive mental health and turn down the volume of your negative self-talk making room for the positive voice to be heard.

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