Mindful Eating to Relieve Back Pain

Anyone who is bound to a desk all day at work (or at the kitchen table in lockdown again) knows about back pain.  Sitting for long periods puts undue strain on our backs, shoulders, and necks.  Standing desks, yoga balls, and micro-breaks are popular for physical relief, but there is more to you than that.  For long-term pain relief, there is also something else we should consider.  Is my diet contributing to my back pain?

Back pain includes lower back pain, tightness in the shoulders and upper back, and aching restrictive neck issues.  When you are dealing with this sort of pain you need to consider three main factors: structural ailment and misalignment, stress and emotional issues, and finally through diet.

Some of the main dietary causes of back pain include alcohol, sugar, processed foods, and enriched white flour products.

The science connecting diet and back pain can be linked to foods that increase cortisol levels, such as excessive caffeine, alcohol, and sugar.  Connective tissue can get inflamed with excess cortisol in the body, causing pain and discomfort.

Stress can also cause cortisol-promoting eating habits, including skipping meals, eating large portions, and consuming more comforting stodgy foods such as pasta and wonderful Italian bread.  Only eat salads and fruit?  Lack of variety can also throw your body and digestive system out of balance and stress the body into pain.

So how do you know what foods are good for you?

A great start to mindful eating is finding out what works for you and your body.  First, you need to clean out your system through a process of elimination, get yourself back into a more neutral state.  Once that is done you can try introducing the foods you normally eat one by one and see how you and your body reacts.  Then you can make mindful choices on the foods you eat for balanced and healthy eating.

So why not try a Food Discovery this month to see if the foods you eat are contributing to your back pain.

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