Recipe: Daikon drink as a medicine

Genevieve Paton

Daikon drink as a medicine is great for detoxing.

Daikon also known as Chinese white radish. You will probably have seen it or eaten it in a Japanese restaurant as a yellow pickle.

Daikon can be served raw or cooked. The skin is edible and peeling is optional. Daikon can be thinly sliced for a garnish or pickling, diced for cooking, or grated for pickling or used in baked goods and savory dishes. The greens can also be eaten raw in salads or added to soups and other hot dishes, and the sprouts,  are used raw in dishes like Japanese green salads and vegetable sushi.

Raw daikon has a sweet and lightly spicy flavor. It is usually milder than a peppery red radish.  The flesh is very crunchy and juicy. Cooked, daikon tastes mellow and sweet and becomes tender, similar to a cooked turnip. 

Diakon when cooked in a broth as a medicine is a powerful natural diuretic and will help you release toxins and unwanted stored fluid in the body. If you are looking to lose weight, daikon broth is your go to medicine in the morning. If this is your reason for using it, have 3 days on then 3 days off.

What you’ll need

One cup of grated Daikon

One teaspoon of grated organic ginger

Bring 1 cup of water to the boil, add the daikon and ginger once boiling, reduce to a simmer. Simmer  until it looks cooked. Take off the heat. Add tamari for taste.

When drinking daikon as a medicine you can eat the vegetable in the broth or strain.

How to prepare Daikon Drink

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