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All About RPL

Your experience in invaluable to your career and self-development. In many cases, your previous experience can help you achieve a qualification easier and faster than ever before - by receiving Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) credits that are recognised by Australian and international institutions. Education and Vocational Training in Australia is regulated by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). Under their guidelines, all students are entitled to have their previous skills, experience. and training recognised in relation to the courses and qualifications they would like to achieve. Any Registered Training Organisation (RTO) can assess your eligibility for RPL, but here at COTY, we go extra lengths for our students. We provide active and ongoing support in helping you figure out which of your existing skills, experience, or trainings are relevant to your career goals - from your school or working life, volunteering, or previous study.

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Your previous work experience and life skills can make a real impact in getting you closer to a qualification that is not only nationally recognised, but gives you the freedom to explore the world doing the job you love.

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Benefits of RPL

RPL may reduce the amount of study you need to complete or fast-track your study and so that you can achieve the qualifications you’re looking for in much less time. In this way, you’ll also get to to learn and build new skills, rather than repeating things that you already know – so you ensure your precious time is well spent.


You can get recognition in two different ways:

1. Credit Transfer, which recognises your previously completed AQF recognised study. This method allows you to show a Statement of Attainment or Qualification from another RTO or TAFE for Units of Competency you have achieved in other AQF courses which are a perfect match for those in the course you wish to study. This means that you can transfer in with those units and not have to study them again.

2. Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL), also known as National Recognition, which recognises skills, knowledge or experience that you have gained outside of formal education or vocational training and interprets this against the requirements you need for the qualification you are seeking to obtain.

At COTY, we welcome both Credit Transfer and RPL as well and are here to help you put it all together.


If you can clearly show that you have already gained equivalent skills or knowledge, then you may be granted credit for one of multiple unit(s) of competency in your COTY course. This includes skills, knowledge or experience gained through part-time, full-time, or casual work. We may also recognise relevant skills gained through community or volunteer work, sports team management, domestic responsibilities, or even hobbies and leisure activities.

To receive RPL, you will need to provide evidence to your COTY assessor to demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge to meet the requirements of the unit(s) of competency. Submitted evidence must be current and may include the following items:

  • Work records;
  • Records of workplace training;
  • Assessment of current skills;
  • Assessment of current knowledge;
  • Third party report from current and previous supervisors or managers;
  • Evidence of relevant unpaid or volunteer experience;
  • Examples of work products;
  • Observation by an assessor in the workplace;
  • Performance appraisal;
  • or Duty statements.

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