Reflection Journals:

Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga Teaching (10137NAT)

Here at COTY, we’re always guiding and supporting our students in planning for their continued professional development post-graduation. We make it our responsibility to ensure they stay up-to-date with industry standards, but we also ask all our students to do some independent reflection on how their current practice is moving them toward a career.

The writing here is excerpted from student diaries, in which our Certificate IV (10137NAT) students were asked to reflect on what they have learned throughout the course, how they have grown or changed, and where they see their paths leading - personally and professionally.

Fiona Nixon

Well, what a course! Here I was originally signing up to a course that I thought was going to teach me more skills. Skills that I needed to be a better, more connected, more knowledgeable, relevant and holistic special needs teacher and what did I get – it was more about me! What do! mean by this you ask? Well, I didn’t get quite what I came for but I think I may have got a little bit more than I expected, as well as the hunger to continue to learn the skills that I still need, to do what I would like to do…

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Kay Brawn

I have always wanted to do yoga teacher training but never found the time for it until this year. This year I feel like I have lived and breathed yoga 24/7 with thoughts of some aspect of yoga never being far from mind…

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Ellen Fink

The first day of yoga training I was nervously thinking “what did I get myself into?” But all the lovely smiles and welcomes instantly put me at ease. It takes me a while to warm to people so I knew it would just take time until I felt completely comfortable…

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Samantha Ivancic

I was a gym junkie for many years and over time I started too notice my body was not coping well with all the heavy weights I was lifting. I decided I needed something different. I started to look at yoga to try to help me fix issues I had with my body, that’s when I found the TYH studio of COTY. I rang and was greeted by a very bubbly lady by the name of Genevieve. This is the start of my journey into yoga….

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More Tales from the Mat

Melinda Wright

  • 2017 Remedial Yoga Teacher & Therapist graduate
  • COTY student since 2015

I have been attending The Yoga House studio as a client for 11 years now and I just love the yoga and how it makes me feel. A few years ago, i felt I wanted to know more about the yoga to get myself healthier. I decided to undertake the teacher training and have not regretted my decision!

I chose COTY as they were close to home, but also because of the variety of teachers who offer a wealth of experience and knowledge. They have gently pushed me to strive to improve my personal practice and inspired me to want to help others through teaching good quality yoga. We were taught how to break down the moves for ourselves and how to teach them effectively to other.

The teaching staff are always on hand to offer help and advice, even after the training is complete. Students are also encouraged to meet past students and attend a variety of classes to help strengthen the support. COTY offers students a community of yoga teachers where you feel mentored and valued.

Monika Bergan

  • Certificate IV in RYT (10137NAT) graduate

I am grateful for the excellent teachers that I’ve had at COTY, each one bringing their unique set of skills with passion, dedication and compassion. I am very grateful for the professional guidance of Lyn, Lisa and Gen and look forward to continuing to expand my knowledge of remedial yoga in the Advanced Diploma of Remedial Yoga Therapy.

Courtney Curtis

  • COTY graduate 2012, teacher since 2018
  • Full-time remedial yoga teacher and therapist

The extensive knowledge and the personal tuition you receive at COTY really does set you up for a great future in yoga. The down to earth style of teaching sits perfectly with the style of yoga, which shows its results and benefits in many forms, both physically and mentally. Best of all, the college offers continued support throughout your learning journey, which aptly compliments your grown and enjoyment of teaching yoga.

Nicole Reynell

  • COTY graduate 2015, student since 2012
  • Remedial yoga teacher for adults and children

The best decision I’ve made. Will not be looking back. The teacher training is great, very informative and fun. The trainers are lovely and create a friendly atmosphere. The class sizes are not too big and with so many great students and teacher trainers, it really is the greatest course to do.

Donna Ruetman

  • COTY graduate 2015
  • Currently Certificate IV (10137NAT) student
  • Full-time remedial yoga teacher

Fantastic course, I learnt so much about teaching and myself and am so grateful for this experience. Now my yoga business has grown with 8 classes a week across Mollymook, Ulladulla and Manyana. The classes are consistently increasing with regular students returning to class, and some coming to class up to 3 times a week.

Jessica Doherty

  • Certificate IV in RYT (10137NAT) graduate

I jumped at the chance to work with on an 8 week volunteering job with the candidates at JobCentre. It happened so quick I did not have time to be nervous and it was amazing. Loving this course and the yoga, excited to learn that there is an advanced diploma that would help me become a therapist and really connect with people’s specific concerns and injuries.

Lidia Bara

  • Explore Japanese Yoga (200 hours), 2018

I particularly like meeting women from all different places and stages of life. I found it very inspiring to be able to connect with them all every week as we all there for one main purpose – to improve our lives, become more in alignment with ourselves and to help those around us.

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