Ellen’s Story: Coming into Confidence

The first day of yoga training I was nervously thinking “what did I get myself into?” But all the lovely smiles and welcomes instantly put me at ease. It takes me a while to warm to people so I knew it would just take time until I felt completely comfortable.

To be honest, I didn’t know much about the depth of yoga but had practised for a while and really enjoyed it. I was surprised by how different Japanese style remedial yoga was to other types of yoga, and had to put in some effort to wrap my brain around the yin-yang energy and body structure, meridians, elements and growth cycle.

I wanted to learn all I could to be a great yoga teacher, even though I didn’t really know if I’d teach or not by the end of it. I need a lot of time to absorb new concepts and I do find learning difficult, but it really grew on me. I liked how interactive the teaching was, especially later on in the course.

Postural assessments were very interesting and I enjoyed seeing the different imbalances and discussing what may have caused them. I was not originally looking forward to the detox, though in retrospect, I do now believe it had a benefit. For a person who hasn’t always had a healthy relationship with food, I felt uncomfortable about restricting what I can and can’t eat. After the other students had done the detox and felt great, I decided I’d give it a go. It was hard, but I’m glad I accomplished it. And it helped me appreciate learning about the different foods to eat in different seasons and how they impact on your health and wellbeing.

The yoga training has been so good for my confidence and well-being – doing something for myself, learning and sharing the experience with so many great people. I just remember my partner always telling me, “you seem so happy when you come back from yoga.”

At times the course has tested me, teaching me to accept my own achievements and learn about myself in a new way. I have realised my self-esteem and well-being are extremely important and need a lot of work. I believe I would make a good yoga teacher if I could be confident and have more belief in myself.

Doing four classes of yoga for our assessments was so exhausting but felt so good afterwards and I really got a good feel for each class and the moves. It was great to reflect on other ways people teach and discuss ideas.

I am so glad that I was asked to attend some yoga classes at TYH and this has given me more insight to how to teach the moves and different moves.

I have really enjoyed our discussions on the mat about how to teach particular moves we struggle with, how our body functions, learning massages and our interests. I feel like I have grown so much over the year and I can’t wait to learn more. I am looking at teaching once I move to Queensland, and actually pretty excited to set up some yoga classes in the park. I’m also more committed to working my confidence and resilience.

It’s been such a great journey especially with the group and teachers I got to experience it with and I am so grateful.