Kay’s Story: Easing into Self-Care

I have always wanted to do yoga teacher training but never found the time for it until this year. This year I feel like I have lived and breathed yoga 24/7 with thoughts of some aspect of yoga never being far from mind.

Overall, my experience with yoga in the last few months has really made a positive change in my life.
I must admit I had struggled each month until I decided once and for all that I was going to change my thinking from “I can’t do this” to “I am going to finish this year by seeing how far I can go.” Now I am not too attached to self-doubt and worrying how good I think I have to be. My approach is now more playful and relaxed and I am sure this will increase as I continue to learn and do yoga.

My stressful, sad and overwhelming days of nursing are a fading memory and one I have happily let go of.

Now I look back fondly on the joy of getting to know the other members of my group so well, sharing laughs together, and seeing each other the develop in our yoga and and improve our teaching. The group has been one of the most comfortable and inclusive, full of really nice people that allowed me to relax and be less shy, to speak up with confident and to be just me.

My health has improved; I sleep much better these days, and the efficiency of my digestion has improved. Not being stressed and getting out of my busy head has got me more in touch with how my body feels (more mindful). In addition my thinking, diet and hydration have influenced how I feel. The health benefits have extended to family and friends. We eat more whole foods and vegetables at home.

Each time I turned up for yoga when I didn’t feel like it, I always came away glad that I went and often shattered my pre-conceived beliefs.

For the last few months I have been nursing and injury, I have finally recognized how dospondent I’ve felt and how much patience I really need to have with myself in getting better – which is exactly what has been happening.

I have liked the feeling when I have “closed the loops” (which Lisa talked about) as I complete each assignment. I have certainly felt challenged at times with the coursework, mainly by self-inflicted perfectionism. I struggled with the brochures I had to put together that don’t reflect the many hours I spent trying to get the text and picture boxes to stay put and fit everything in. (Definitely will not be taking up graphic design).

Last weekend, my husband and I did the emotional self-awareness quiz that was handed out in class.
When rating me, my husband kept saying that I would not have rated well in the past, however he now sees me displaying way more of the positive qualities that come with emotional awareness. I believe this is true.

It continue to be a work in progress to not take my self too seriously, and to work on my balance in tree pose. One day, I will be strong enough to do one legged sit-ups consistently without assistance.
At the end of this course I have felt a lot more contentment; I will take with me all that I have learnt to maintain wellness and use it in my life and to benefit others. I did not miss a single week throughout the course and my desire for learning more about yoga has continued to deepen.

The course has given me the motivation to continue the self-care and nurturing that the environment and teachers have imparted and will be one of my most treasured memories.