I have been attending The Yoga House studio as a client for 11 years now and I just love the yoga and how it makes me feel. A few years ago, i felt I wanted to know more about the yoga to get myself healthier. I decided to undertake the teacher training and have not regretted my decision!

I chose COTY as they were close to home, but also because of the variety of teachers who offer a wealth of experience and knowledge. They have gently pushed me to strive to improve my personal practice and inspired me to want to help others through teaching good quality yoga. We were taught how to break down the moves for ourselves and how to teach them effectively to other.

The teaching staff are always on hand to offer help and advice, even after the training is complete. Students are also encouraged to meet past students and attend a variety of classes to help strengthen the support. COTY offers students a community of yoga teachers where you feel mentored and valued.