Sam’s Story: From Hard Times to Renewal

I was a gym junkie for many years and over time I started too notice my body was not coping well with all the heavy weights I was lifting. I decided I needed something different. I started to look at yoga to try to help me fix issues I had with my body, that’s when I found the TYH studio of COTY. I rang and was greeted by a very bubbly lady by the name of Genevieve. This is the start of my journey into yoga….

Throughout my journey in this course, I’ve had my up’s and down’s. I came into this feeling excited, nervous and a little doubtful that I could even do this. I seemed to go with the flow of learning and trying to grasp at the idea that at the end of all of this I was going to be a yoga teacher. “Me… a yoga teacher… NO WAY” I thought at first.

About half way through, I still seriously doubted what I was doing. My mother was suffering and still is suffering from depression, I was busy as hell with running the household, driving the kids to one of their many activities, and at the same time trying to do all of my assessments and learning for my yoga classes. The course was feeling like a burden and I just kept thinking that there was no way I could continue. I spoke to Genevieve on several occasions about how I was feeling, I am ever so grateful for her supportive ear. She would always tell me that I was incredibly capable, and Lisa and Lyn would always back this up with their own positive and encouraging messages. Eventually, I believed them. One day I finally woke up one day and said, “this is it, it’s all or nothing, I’m on my way to becoming a yoga teacher.”

Once I realized that this was not so scary and not so hard, things started to change. I was able to really put my mind, body and soul into learning and feeling each class as if each move was different to the last. I feel more in tune with my body. I feel my aches and pains in a different way to what I used too. I now know what I can do for my body to help heal and alleviate pain, I know when I feel out of balance and the biggest thing is, I now know how to breathe.

My mood has also changed, I know this as fact as my children have told me that I no longer yell, scream and carry on – I’m a lot calmer these days. I tell my kids that it’s the yoga (they laugh). I have a new perspective on life. Doing this teacher training course has given me the confidence I was lacking. This has changed me on so many levels.

Some of the yoga poses has had its challenges though. I am still working on sit-ups. I find these very difficult and I become very frustrated when I can’t do them. I’ll definitely be instructing these verbally until I can do at least one properly. Kidney stretches for some reason unbeknown to me are some of my least favorite stretche. I roll my eyes every time we have to do them, though I’m not sure why I feel this way. At the start, I felt I had to get the poses perfect otherwise I wasn’t doing them properly. But now I know that this is not about being perfect – it’s just about doing the yoga.

I enjoy going to classes during the week, I’m always taking mental notes and like how I see the poses that we have learnt been taught by teachers that have taught for many years. There are so many great things I can take away from these weekday classes.

I have not taught yet but will shortly. I am looking forward to it and at the same time, I feel as though my heart will jump out from my chest, but I know that teaching yoga is something that will greatly benefit others as well as benefiting myself.

I now think about yoga before I go to bed and think about it when I wake in a positive way. I truly believe that yoga found me. And I know that wonderful teachers create wonderful students.