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Evaluate and develop small business operations

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to evaluate and develop small business operations. It applies to individuals who operate a small business which stands alone, or that is part of a department within a larger organisation. Individuals in this role use problem-solving skills and take responsibility for developing approaches to evaluating and developing business operations.

The essential learning outcomes include:

  1. Review and evaluate operational strategies and procedures
  2. Implement operational strategies and procedures
  3. Evaluate business performance
  4. Review business operations

This course:

  • Reflects on how digital systems and tools are used or could be used to achieve work goals, and begins to recognise strategic and operational applications
  • Identifies concepts, principles and features of approaches in use in other contexts and considers how these may suit own situation
  • Develops plans to manage relatively complex, non-routine tasks with an awareness of how they may contribute to longer-term operational and strategic goals
  • Uses each experience to reflect on how variables impact decision outcomes, and to gain insights into what constitutes an effective decision in different contexts

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